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We’re a congregation in the Presbyterian and evangelical traditions. We’re committed to authentic biblical Christianity as it’s been understood since the first days of the Early Church. Our desire is to be led by Scripture and the Holy Spirit as we follow Christ in all things. Join us!

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Easter Sunrise Service

  April 21, 2019

You will experience peace and serenity in this early morning service.  Please join us for this Sunrise Service at 6:11 am on Easter Sunday April 21st.

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Maasai in Maypril

  April 23, 2019

Maasai in Maypril Education provides the light of hope that penetrates the darkness of poverty. What is MWEEP? The Maasai Women’s Education and Empowerment Program is an Organization managed by a board of volunteer women from Kitsap County. MWEEP seeks to create long-term change by empowering girls of Kenya (Africa) to achieve far beyond what would […]

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Good Dirt.

Posted by Tyler Kirkpatrick | 3/14/2019 “Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground…” Those of us who are familiar with the creation of Adam in Genesis 2 are probably familiar with that wording above (or something similar), but lately I’ve been drawn to the CEB translation of that verse: […]

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Courageous Vulnerability

Posted by Tyler Kirkpatrick | 2/28/2019 The Saturday of “Snowmageddon” Brittany and I affixed tire chains to our Ford Escape and dawned heavy ski jackets to drop in on the Kitsap Youth Conference at Island Lake (we only came for a few hours; but our group was fearlessly led all weekend by Amanda Warfield and […]

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