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Welcome to CKPC!

We’re a congregation in the Presbyterian and evangelical traditions. We’re committed to authentic biblical Christianity as it’s been understood since the first days of the Early Church. Our desire is to be led by Scripture and the Holy Spirit as we follow Christ in all things. Join us!

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Kids Club

  January 29, 2020

Kids Club is for children Kindergarten – 5th Grade Please sign up in the Narthex or email kids@ckpc.org to sign up today!

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Monkey Mornings

  February 6, 2020

Moms stay while the Monkeys play! Welcome to our awesome Toddler Play Space! Free coffee, muffins, wifi. Monkey Mornings is staffed by Respected Educators and Loving Grandmas!

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Youth Winter Camp 2020

  February 7 – 9, 2020

Save the Date for youth winter camp! It will be held at Island Lake and this year’s theme is “Kingdom Culture.”  February 7th – 9th  Cost: $140 per student  Camperships available! Please contact the church office for more information!

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Bible Translation Mania!

Posted by Tyler Kirkpatrick | 1/16/2020 I continue to receive feedback and emails expressing well, opinions, about our new sanctuary Bibles. Many of you have already read the letter I wrote this fall outlining the process that was followed by Session. If you haven’t, read that before reading this blog post because this is in […]

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Posted by Tyler Kirkpatrick | 12/10/2019 “The people walking in darkness have a seen a great light… A child is born to us, a son is given…” -Isaiah 9:2, 6 Karl Rahner once said this about Advent: “Every year we roll up all our needs and yearnings and faithful expectation into one word: ‘Come!’” I […]

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A Poem

Posted by Tyler Kirkpatrick | 11/13/2019 I make absolutely no claims to being a poet. I am invigorated by reading poetry, and I hold poets in high esteem, but I myself rarely endeavor to do it. Every once in awhile, however, a poem stirs in me and I do the best I can to help […]

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