The Psalms 2022

All spring and summer as a church we will be reading, preaching and praying from the book of Psalms, the “Prayerbook of the Bible.”

John Calvin called them an “anatomy of the soul,” deeply personal prayers packed with nearly every emotion. They both give license to the authenticity of our expansive range of feelings, and  they are a safeguard against becoming controlled by our feelings. In them we see our feelings are not so unique to us (they have been prayed by countless saints for nearly three millennia), and that they must, in the end, become prayers. Somehow, in the process of this, our human words prayed to God (which is what the Psalms are) may become transformed into the Word of God (which is also what the Psalms are).

The resources on this page are offered as a way of engaging the Psalms in different and deeper ways as a complement to the sermon series.

Pastor Tyler's Psalms Poetry

Psalms Poetry E-Book

The poems contained in this booklet began as I started to plan our Psalms sermon series. As I was reading the Psalter, I had the idea to challenge myself to write a poem for each Psalm, so these are raw, unrevised first impressions of each one. Think of them as a poetic devotional commentary on the Psalms; a companion to read not for you, but with you; a complement to the Psalter rather than a stand-alone devotional or collection of poems to read.

Psalms 1-40 (Lent)

Psalms 41-90 (Eastertide)

Psalms Playlist

Check outs these Psalm songs our praise band will be playing during this sermon series!