In Pursuit of Authentic Faith

Jonathan Edwards has been deemed “America’s most important religious figure” and “America’s greatest theologian” by many scholars. Interest in his theology, and working to recapture his life and ministry, has continued to grow over the past century. Yet one may wonder, what a 18th century Puritan pastor and theologian might have to say to 21st century Christians.

Edwards’ ministry seems to have had one thru line: Authentic Faith. He desired deeply for his congregation to grow in their faith, in the knowledge and love of their God, through authentic means. He pushed strongly against the nominalism of his day, and would likely have similar things to say to us today.

The resources of this page are offered as a way of engaging with our topic and Jonathan Edwards in perhaps new and deeper ways. They serve to prepare our minds and hearts for the upcoming conference.

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The Blog herein contains writings from all of our breakout session speakers for the conference. The hope is that these blog posts will capture your minds and draw you into a desire to learn more and go deeper. They will span the various topics each speaker plans on expounding on during their session at the conference.

Aliens, Bartolomé de las Casas, Jonathan Edwards, and the Gospel by Josh Lott

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About Douglas Sweeney

Doug Sweeney serves as Dean and Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Samford University. He has written many books on early modern Protestant history and global evangelicalism. He is currently writing a two-volume global history of Christian doctrine.

He teaches and preaches at many churches, but he and his wife Wilma are active members of Christ the King Lutheran Church in Hoover, Alabama. They are the proud parents/in-laws of David and Stephanie Sweeney.

In Pursuit of Authentic Faith: A Conference

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