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We believe the Gospel truly is good news.  In it God has come in the person of Jesus Christ to reveal the true face of God and show us what it means to be a disciple.  In the death and resurrection of Christ we find peace with God, the possibility of new life, and the confidence of eternity with Christ.


We take Scripture seriously and believe that in it God has revealed his purpose and plan for human kind.  We read Scripture through the lens of the Reformed theological tradition, which emphasizes the sovereignty of God in all things and the absolute need of his grace as expressed in Jesus Christ.


Presbyterian simply means that we are governed by elders chosen from among the congregation.  This emphasizes the fact that God calls many to lead his church through the gifts of leadership and discernment; pastors and non-pastors alike are equal before God in this calling.  While each congregation has a tremendous amount of individual freedom, we’re still accountable to a presbytery, which is the body of churches in a given geographical area.  CKPC is a member of the Seattle Presbytery.   As for denominational affiliation, CKPC is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are also a member of the Fellowship Community.

Please see our statement of faith for more on our doctrinal beliefs and our views on various cultural and social issues.