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Ministry Associate Ty explains the switch to the new platform

Pastor Tyler explains how to transfer over from the old giving platform

In November 2019, our Session voted to adopt a new online giving platform, which has been in the development phase for a number of months. Here’s a little bit more about it:

As Ty explains in the video above, this was done for several reasons:

  • The old online giving platform required a lengthy login process and was not considered user-friendly by most.
  • The old online giving platform made it difficult to pay online for church events. While it was technically possible, it required significant advanced notice and was a difficult process to follow. Two examples to illustrate:
    • Last summer it was possible to pay for VBS online, but Dani had to include lengthy instructions to each registrant about how to use our platform, which created a number of challenges during registration.
    • When we had the CKPC Mariner game outing, there were people without checks who went to the game… staff members had to cover them with their own checks and be reimbursed by these individuals via mediums like Venmo or Paypal. A very convoluted process!

Besides being much more user friendly, easy to use, and streamlined, the new platform gives us greater flexibility for things like paying for a Women’s Retreat, Youth Camp, or a specific ministry. 

Even more exciting, with the new platform comes an APP, which will contain church-related content from sermons, Bible readings, and a calendar of events!