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This page explains how indoor, in-person worship will look–at least for awhile, and is an access point for our reservation system (found at the bottom of this page).

Remember, our livestream will continue to be available if you are not comfortable gathering in person.

Those who have registered by Wednesday night and received a confirmation email from the church (usually sent out Thursday afternoon).

The joy of worshipping together! But we need to remember that things won’t be “normal” for a while. There are a number of safety precautions we are required to have in place that you should expect and will be required to comply with:

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus should not attend, and will be asked to leave for the safety of others.
  • Before entering the building, you will have your temperature taken by contactless thermometer. In the event that a line forms, please stand in the specified spaces to ensure physical distancing.
  • You will be required to wear a mask the entire time you are in the building. We will have a limited number of masks on hand for those who may not have one.
  • Upon entering the church, you will be asked to proceed directly to the Sanctuary to find a seat corresponding with the number of people in your party. You may visit with others, but please only do so from your seat (or outside in the parking lot after the service).
  • No food or drink permitted while in the church building.
  • The only restrooms that will be open for use will be the restrooms in the preschool hallway. State requirements do not allow more than two people in the restroom at a time, and the preschool restrooms each have only two toilets apiece. If the restrooms are already in use, please kindly wait in the hallway. The restrooms will be accessed through the Witherspoon Room (going to the restroom) and Kitchen Pantry (coming from the restroom).
  • Dismissal at the end of the service will happen gradually. No congregating in the Narthex will be permitted.

There will be no nursery offered. However, we will have four separate spaces for up to four different households who may need to nurse or sit with wiggly young ones (please request this on your registration if it is a potential need).

We will not have any kids Sunday school at first, but we aim to do so in coming weeks. Stay tuned! As always, we will have “busy boxes” available for any kids who do attend.