Current Elders on Session

A Presbyterian church is governed by Elders in a representative form of governance that stresses openness, accountability and the equal voice of every member. Elders are elected by the congregation for their spiritual maturity, ability to lead others and discern God’s direction for the congregation as a whole. The board of elders is called Session. The pastor of a Presbyterian church is considered a Teaching Elder and also serves as the moderator of Session. An elder serves a three-year term, and may be reelected for a second term, serving up to six consecutive years. (Number next to name indicates term number)

Class of


Melissa Hartman 1  Personnel

LoisAnne Sykes 2  Nominating

Linda Wahlquist 2  Worship, Stewardship

Ty Whitman 1        Missions, Youth

Class of


Gwen Dewey 2        Missions

Renata Durst 1   Youth/Young Families

Bob Jensen 2                   Building & Grounds

Larry Keeton 2           Personnel

Class of


Ben Brueseke 1       Creative Connection

Margaret Campbell 2     Deacons

Larry Eyer 1             Missions, Nominating 

David Sweeney 1        Worship

Al & Jody O’Brien, Co-clerks of Session