The ministry of deacon is one of compassion, witness, and service. Our deacon board is divided into four teams with different ministry priorities.

Every believer is called to look after one another in times of need. However, since the New Testament times there has been a tradition of setting aside specialized caregivers that ensure this care happens in an efficient and consistent manner. This is the role of a deacon.


Our deacons prioritize reaching out to those who are lonely, overlooked, in distress, or just looking for a visit.


It has been said “all of life is grief.” Sometimes those moments are more acute than others. This deacon team seeks to come alongside those walking the long road of grief.

meal train

Whether a new baby, a surgery or a loss of a loved one, receiving a warm meal can be lifegiving.


Getting to the church or getting to the doctors, our deacons will do their best to help!

Current Deacon Board

Class of


Mo Anduiza 1

Tacy Boswell 1

Brittany Kirkpatrick 1

Cheri Paulin 1

Class of


Betty Brownley 1

Joyce Davis 1

Judy Jensen 1

Kathy Lockwood 1

Margaret Campbell, Moderator

Class of


Mary Eyer 1

Kathy Green 1

Lynn Meeds 1

Gary Spees 2