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Navigating Sunday Mornings at CKPC…
Kids begin in the worship service with their parents and will be dismissed about 15 minutes into the service.  You are always welcome to have your kids sit with you during the entire service.  Green “busy boxes” are available in the foyer and are filled with all sorts of activities to help direct their energy during the service.
Parents pick up their kids in their classrooms after the worship service:
  • Preschool-Kindergarten – Room 303
  • 1st – 3rd – Room 305
  • 4th – 5th – Room 309
Nursery Care
Quality nursery care (0-3 yrs) is available every Sunday, all morning long.  Our nursery supervisor,  Dani Sharrett, would be happy to meet you, show you our facilities and introduce you to the nursery staff.
Quiet Room
If you prefer to have your kids with you but would still like a little privacy, we have a soundproof family room adjacent to the sanctuary.

Monkey Mornings | 1st and 3rd Thursdays | 9:15-11:15am

Moms stay while the Monkeys play! Let your toddlers run and play in an environment that is set up JUST for them. We have play kitchens and dishes, a construction workbench, duplos, ride-on toys and much more. Plus a baby area that is protected from the runners! Free coffee, muffins, etc plus free wifi. Monkey Mornings is sponsored by respected educators and loving grandmas of CKPC. Find us on Facebook!

Discipleship Begins at Birth!
Our mission is to help our young disciples understand and experience God’s love as we grow together on our journey with Jesus.  Through games, music, Bible lessons and caring teachers kids come to learn about God while making friendships along the way.  Parents, too, become a part of this community as together we raise the next generation of disciples.


What We Value
We have a holistic view of discipleship in that we believe it is the formation of the entire person: physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual.  For children, God becomes real through interaction with caring, attentive adults who can get into a child’s world and connect.  We take our ministry team of gifted teachers seriously!  Also, church should be fun and we strive to combine quality learning with a fun, exciting environment that keeps kids wanting to come back.

Central Kitsap Presbyterian Church is Proud to announce that we use Hands-On Bible Curriculum®Hands-On Bible Curriculum® Learning Lab® is brimming with the tools we need to lead a successful Sunday school class including creative gizmos that help kids experience God’s Word. Teach as Jesus taught. We use captivating gizmos to bring kids closer to God!

What if Jesus taught your kids? How would he do it? What tools would he use? What would he want them to learn and remember?

The Bible gives us lots of examples of how Jesus did it 2,000 years ago. He used everyday objects like coins, fish, and plants to help people remember the truths he shared with them.

Hands-On Bible Curriculum does the same thing. We call them “gizmos,” and they serve the same purpose: to help kids understand important Bible truths. It worked for Jesus, and it still works today.

“As a teacher the Hands on Curriculum is the best curriculum we have used. It is easy to follow and easy to teach. The kids have fun and not only do the kids walk away with lessons they can use in their everyday lives but it also has extra lesson information for the teacher to understand better what we are teaching. As  mother I appreciate the lessons that are being taught. My son comes home excited to share what he has learned and the additional lessons we can work on throughout the week. I love how not only my son has grown closer to God but it has allowed me to grow closer to God.”

-April Foutz-Special Education Teacher & Mother of four