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Questions in Quarantine: A Poem

These are questions, they are not truth claims. This is not a systematized theology or even a sermon. They are questions that I guess I have been pondering over and praying over, pushing on and pushing against, seeing what holds and what doesn’t, what’s true and what’s not.

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The Cathedral of Facebook

Yesterday one of my friends posted something that irked me (I’m sure that’s never happened to any of you). So I did what any good Christian would do… I went to “Unfollow” them. But then I got this nudging instead…

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The season of Advent simply arrives, no matter what our particular mood is today, and it instructs us to pray, “Come!” And somehow, we can come before God together as the church with all of those things rolled together—with both the “hopes and fears of all the years” and we can pray one word: Come!

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A Poem

This poem was inspired by the beauty of a place, by my meditations on my soon-to-be-fatherhood, by my own memories as a kid, and by C.S. Lewis’ great insight that nostalgia “is a desire for something that has never actually appeared in our experience,” a desire that nevertheless points to a longing that exists in each one of us for Something greater.

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How Great Thou Art

Last week Brittany and I worshipped in a leper colony. Well, sort of. The island of Molokai is probably best known as the location of a leper colony that operated for about 100 years as a response to the rampant spread of the then-misunderstood Hansen’s Disease. Father Damien—was a Catholic priest who chose to serve there.

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The People in My Ear

Over the past few months I’ve had a several different people ask me, “Tyler, you quote a lot of people in your sermons… Could you please create a list of your most-quoted authors?” Well… at the risk of leaving some voices out (or the greater risk of saying too much, because this list is already longer than I intended it to be!)… here’s a shot at some of the authors I frequently quote

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