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It’s easy to project our own experiences and understanding of the world onto other people, and sometimes it’s even easier to do that with scripture. The Bible is the eternal Word of God and able to speak into all times and places, and yet it was written in a specific context. To simply ignore the world out of which the Bible sprang is to risk missing a lot of what the Bible teaches us, and to perhaps think it is teaching us something it isn’t.

Join us for this online class on the “World of the New Testament” taught by Dr. Jim Davis, Bill Kettenring, and Tyler Kirkpatrick. We’ll delve into the people, events and perspectives that shaped the world Jesus was born into.


There are two ways to participate in this class:

1) The class will be taught live by Zoom call on Monday nights (4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25 and 6/1) at 7pm. Click the link below to join the live session!

2) A recording of the live class will be uploaded to YouTube and saved on this page.

Week 6 – The Temple Destroyed and the Pharisee-Christian Struggle | Bill Kettenring

Week 5 – The People of the New Testament World | Tyler Kirkpatrick


Week 4 – The Literary World of the New Testament | Dr. Jim Davis

Week 3 – The Herodian Dynasty, Sanhedrin, and Jerusalem Power Struggle | Bill Kettenring

Week 2 – The Story in Between | Tyler Kirkpatrick

Week 1 – The Three Worlds of the Text | Dr. Jim Davis